Pixel C gets reviewed

While iMore's last month has been dominated by the iPad Pro, our good friends over at Android Central have just done a full-on Pixel C Review, Google's entry into the more professional tablet market. From Phil Nickinson's conclusion:

We have a feeling the Pixel C will grow into itself at some point. And it's not like it's a bad tablet. If you've got to have a keyboard with your Android experience, or if you just have to have the latest Android tablet and have some extra money to burn, this is the one to get. But if you're on the fence or just don't need a new tablet just yet, we'd wait.

I've been using the iPad Pro since launch—more than I imagined I would given the Mac and OS X are muscle-memory for me at this point. A huge part of that, though, is the tremendous Apple Pencil and the App Store's library of not just tablet-optimized software, but now pro-tablet optimized software.

Absent the Pencil and the quality of App Store tablet software, I think it would be a very different story. One more like this:

But for as good as the optional keyboards are physically, the actual experience of using a keyboard with Android hasn't really improved any. Some of that has to do with the Android operating system itself. But mostly it has to do with too many applications not being properly coded to run the landscape orientation — to say nothing of them being properly designed for it.

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