Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad picks up iPad multitasking and 8K photo support

Pixelmator, the desktop-class photo editor for iPhone and iPad, has expanded its capabilities for iOS 9, and now supports Split View and Slide Over multitasking on the iPad. The app can also handle bigger images, supporting photos with up to 8K resolution.

There are other important changes with Pixelmator 2.1, which you'll find in the list below:

  • Pixelmator now works great on the new iOS 9.
  • Multitasking on iPad with Split View and Slide Over lets you use Pixelmator for iPad and any other app at the same time.
  • Open and edit images in stunning 8K resolution.
  • Open in Place feature lets you open Pixelmator images from anywhere you want and save the changes you make in the exact same place.
  • Save to Photos lets you open an image from Photos and save the changes you make onto the same image without creating a copy.
  • Use Spotlight to quickly find your Pixelmator documents.
  • Copy Image lets you quickly copy the entire image composition to Clipboard.
  • San Francisco is now the new user interface font.

Pixelmator 2.1 is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad right now.

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