Pixelmator's secret new app

The creators of Pixelmator, the popular image editing app for Mac, iPhone, and ipad, have just teased an upcoming announcement about a new app that they've been working on for five years.

Almost nothing has been revealed, but the company's cofounder, Saulius Dailide wrote in a blog post that this unknown product is the biggest thing they've ever done.

The most innovative, beautiful and powerful thing that we've ever done. And it's also the most Mac thing that we've ever done!

The very vague teaser image included with the post shows curtains unveiling something on Mac. To speculate, based on just the image, I'd guess this new app has something to do with graphic design. Maybe that's because the only part showing includes a "phi" in bold (maybe revealing part of the word "Graphic") and a line grid with some text and an image partially in view.

The app logo, which can be seen at the bottom of the image, is definitely not the Pixelmator logo. It looks like a alternate version of the Photos app logo with a paintbrush laying across it.

We don't even know when this new Mac app will launch, but you can sign up to be notified at the company's website. We have to wait a little longer, but maybe not much longer... WWDC, possibly?

oh boy, I wish I could unveil everything just now, but I can't. Well, I could, but I don't wan't to. Just yet. I am very excited about it and I really want every single thing to come out perfectly. So no details for now. But be sure that the entire team is currently working hard to bring you a lot more about what we're doing — ASAP.