Bang on time as per Hugh Hefner’s recent tweet, Playboy for iPad is now live. As we thought, it is a web app rather than an App Store app. The site designed specifically for the iPad, contains every single back issue of Playboy. These are not cut down versions of each magazine either; they contain every word and page that appeared in the printed version and every woman ever photographed.

To get access to the content, you have to subscribe and there are various options for this. If you are prepared to sign up for a year, it will cost you $7.24 a month. If you only want to commit for a month at a time, the price increases by a lot; coming out at $17.95 a month. If you want to see what it is all about first, they do offer a 3 day trial at a more reasonable $0.95. Be careful with the trial as you have to enter your payment details. If you don’t cancel after the 3 days are up, your subscription automatically gets transferred to the full monthly rate of $17.95 a month.

There is a video demo on the home page which shows how the site works on the iPad. It looks to have been implemented really well with easy navigation and page scrolling. This is not just a website!

Are any of our readers planning on subscribing to iPlayboy? Can you see this opening the flood gates to other magazines of this type? Let us know in the comments!