Link 4 Game

I have been playing the iPhone game Link4 Online [Free - iTunes Link or $2.99 - iTunes Link], which is a "connect 4" type game by PlayMesh. I love Link4 and have spent many a long night challenging other players to the game. Link 4 also has a chat room and if you have ever been in a chat room you know that a lot of nefarious things can happen. To keep the discussions as clean as possible, PlayMesh has evoked an auto-banning system. Now certain words (that will not be mentioned here so as not to get my editor's wrath) are sure to get you banned. However, what has been happening in Link4 is interesting.

Waiting on players, I would sit in the chat room and after a time I noticed that many people were asking about how wine was made and where raisins came from from. I also noticed a lot of people were being banned, for 24 to 316 hours of play.

Link4 chat2

PlayMesh, did someone steal your Fruit of the lomb undies? Did the California Raisins cause you indigestion? The reasons are unclear, but if you even whisper the word 'grapes' in Link4 be assured your account will be banned.

It turns out, you can't type the word "grapes" without being banned. Now perhaps grapes is a rude word somewhere I'm not aware of, or perhaps PlayMesh has a personal vendetta against the fruit, but either way watching this never-ending process has become almost more fun than the actual game.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this is occurring comment below. Also, if you want to try me at a game of Link4 my tag is Belarbrina.

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