Playworld Superheroes an imaginative new iPhone and iPad game for kids where they jump between a real world setting with their own treehouse and costume-building materials, and a fantastic world where those designs are realized. Simple taps and swipes help the custom hero battle cartoony villains and unlock new powers. Back at the treehouse, you can find new materials to deck out your costume with.

As a nice added bonus, there aren't any in-app purchases whatsoever. He's a rundown of what else Playworld Superheroes has to offer.

• Empowers a child's creativity. • Stunning AAA visuals and console quality gameplay. • No in-app purchases or hidden costs. A safe and stimulating environment for children. • Real-time crafting – design your ultimate alter-ego before using the Imagination Cloud to see your suit as it appears in Playworld! • Over 15 alien invaders to defeat across nine hero missions. • Unlock new superpowers such as flight and super strength by crafting new items in the treehouse – two games in one! • Collect PlayGems to unlock new items. • Important ecological messages entwined with gameplay. • Intuitive gameplay controls. • Enjoy limitless play with the Mayhem level. • A true showcase for the under-valued Kids category on the AppStore.

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