Popular local media streaming app Plex has been updated on iPhone and iPad, bringing support for Apple Lossless audio files, the ability to check movie reviews in the app and much more.

Plex for iPhone and iPad now lets you check out movie reviews and more

While the update isn't packed to the gills with flashy new features, there are still a number of notable improvements in Plex version 4.1. From new settings and gestures to more crispy audio playback with ALAC file support, here's the full list of what you can expect in the latest Plex update for iPhone and iPad:

  • Added support for selecting alternate versions of media.
  • Added support for viewing movie reviews.
  • (Plex Pass) We've added the ability to choose specific quality values when syncing content. You'll find it in the "Advanced" section of the sync item quality selection screen.
  • Support for direct playback of Apple Lossless audio files (ALAC).
  • Added Swipe gestures on a Sync item or Friend to expose additional options.
  • Added a setting for remote audio quality. You'll find it in the "Advanced" section of the settings screen.
  • Added unwatched and sync indicators.
  • Added a setting for disabling Picture in Picture on supported devices.
  • Added a Post Play screen for video playback.
  • Synced content can now be rated when offline.
  • New first launch experience.

There are also a number of bugs squashed in the latest update, including fixes for crashing and playback issues. For more, you can grab Plex 4.1 for iPhone and iPad and check out the full list of fixes from the App Store link below.

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