Twelve South has unveiled the PlugBug which is its latest addition to an ever expanding Mac and iOS accessory range. The PlugBug is an accessory that piggy backs onto your existing Mac power supply and turns it into a dual charger. It will now charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as the same time as charging your Mac.

The ingenious PlugBug connects to all MacBook Power Adapters. Simply snap PlugBug onto a MacBook Power Adapter, in place of the adapter’s AC plug, and you now have one handy device that charges MacBook and iPad or iPhone at the same time, using only one wall outlet. This can be a real lifesaver when you need to charge both before a meeting or – even more stressful – between connecting flights with only one outlet available.

The PlugBug can even be used as an adaptor solution to those visiting the U.S. and Canada. It can convert any non U.S. Mac power supply into a compatible version.

The PlugBug is available now and costs $34.99 plus shipping

Source: Twelve South


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