Pocket 5.0 adds Highlights, Pocket Preferences

Pocket, the popular save-for-later service, has a new version of its app for iPhone and iPad available for download. Pocket 5.0 is a "smarter Pocket," according to the developers, and it adds key new features like Highlights and Pocket Preferences.

Pocket simplifies the process of collecting articles, videos and other online content for later consumption. Flag online content you're interested in, then check it later from your computer or your mobile device, whenever you have time. That way you don't have to mail yourself links or clutter your browser with bookmarks.

The new 5.0 release introduces Highlights, which surfaces the most relevant content in your list. Pocket Preferences is also new - this new feature assists with new content discovery, using topics, sites and authors you save most frequently as the basis for connecting to other connected apps. Pocket 5.0 also sees streamlined navigation elements and simplified search.

Do you use Pocket, or are you loyal to another save-for-later service? What new features in this release do you think will be the most useful? Let me know in the comments.

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