Pocket Casts 4 for iOS 7 gets teased by Shifty Jelly

Shifty Jelly caused some controversy recently by going Android-first for their big Pocket Casts 4 update, but now that iOS 7 is incoming - see our complete preview - they shifting out of jelly and into high gear to get the new version ready for launch day. Here's what they're teasing on the Shifty Jelly blog:

  • Stunning, redesigned user interface based on iOS 7′s styling.
  • iPad support, because your iPad needs podcast lovin’ too.
  • Your subscriptions, playlists and play states can be synced between every iOS & Android device you own. We love this feature. And you heard us right, iOS and Android, living together in syncing harmony. That’s syncsess right there!
  • Smart dynamic episode filters. Want a list of every unplayed, downloaded podcast? Right here. How about a list of video episodes that you haven’t downloaded yet? Easy. Manual playlists are obviously still available for the super picky among you.
  • Automatic downloads. When a new episode of your favourite show comes out, Pocket Casts can download it automatically for you, without you having to open the app.

I've snuck a few extra peeks and it's looking fantastic so far. Shifty Jelly has also said the update will be iOS 7 only, but will be free. (Though I'll be shoving some Aussie bucks at them any way as thanks for all the hard work!) Check out their blog post for more, and then let me know what you think of Pocket Casts 4 so far.

Source: Shifty Jelly blog