We had a chance to sit down and talk to Pocket's (formerly Read it Later) founder, Nate Weiner, and developer Max Weiner about their recent re-branding and the transition from a read-later service to a read-, watch-, and generally enjoy-later powerhouse. With a newly redesigned app, continued cross-platform focus, and business model that includes giving the app away from free, it's a huge gamble for Pocket.

Doing a great app on iPhone and iPad is challenging. Doing a great app on iPhone and iPad and the plethora of Android devices Pocket decided to support is a huge challenge. But we live in a cross-platform world where Android phone users might have an iPad, or iPhone users might have a Kindle Fire, and being able to read the content you want on the device you want, when and where you want is hugely important. So, Pocket is doing an incredible amount of heavy lifting to make sure their users can just launch the app, tap, and never have to think twice about it.

Watch the video above for the full interview, and check out Leanna's authoritative Pocket review for everything you need to know about the iPhone and iPad app.

Pocket founder Nate Weiner talks transition from Read it Later, time shifting content, and going free