Pod Wrangler developer launches beta for playing, organizing podcasts on the web

David Smith, the developer behind Feed Wrangler and Pod Wrangler, has released the beta version of Pod Wrangler website integration on the Feed Wrangler site. The website connects with Pod Wrangler, so subscriptions, unheard episodes, and playback position will all be synced. Adding website integration for podcasts gives users some new subscription management features as well, according to Smith:

Along with playback adding integration to the website also allows for a place for me to add some subscription management features. You can now re-name subscriptions, export an OPML file of your feeds and do mass unsubscribing from the manage area. At this point the beta you cannot subscribe to new shows. This is coming soon as part of a more complete online directory.

Smith notes that there are some issues with the initial beta. For instance, only full Feed Wrangler members, those paying $19.99 per year for Feed Wrangler, will be able to use the beta, at least for now. Users who payed the $1.99 in-app purchase to get all of the features of Pod Wrangler will not be able to access their podcasts on the web, though Smith is working on a solution. He also says that while everything in the beta is completely functional, he's undecided about the features of the initial public release.

Feed Wrangler subscribers can go ahead and check out the podcast beta right now. Smith recommends the latest versions of either Safari or Google Chrome when using the beta.

Source: Feed Wrangler, Feed Wrangler blog