Today's the day and Apple's big Let's Talk iPhone event is only hours away, so... what do you think they'll announce? Will we get a hot, redesigned iPhone 5 or a hot but not redesigned iPhone 4S? Will voice get the spotlight via SIRI powered Assistant and Nuance Dictation? Will iPod touch continue to keep pace with new models and A5 chipsets or will they get left behind? Will traditional iPods even get mentioned? (What about my nano watch?!) Will Apple TV remain a hobby or will it get a 1080p update and some great new iCloud powered content to go with it? Will there be a surprise iTunes 11 with great new features or is iTunes 10.5 cutting the cord and that's it? Will there be some amazing new apps shown off on stage or just a drawn out series of demos like in years past? Will Steve Jobs make an appearance if he so wishes or is this truly the new Tim Cook show? Will there be one more thing, and if so, what will it be?

In a few hours Apple will hold their Let's Talk iPhone event and we'll have our answers. Right now, there's still time for some last minute speculative fun. So put your cards on the table and vote for what you think Apple will announce (not what you want -- that's all glowing Apple logos and voice activation -- but what you realistically think Apple will show off). Then jump in the comments and give me the details so come this afternoon we can see who got the closest!