Once again drawing inspiration from Chad and Rene making fun of me on iPhone Live! we're polling the TiPb nation to find out if you buy or download your apps and games directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or if you prefer getting them via iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and syncing over, or if you go both ways?

I don't think I've ever bought or downloaded an app on iTunes. I always get them right on my iPhone or iPad. My iPhone is with me all the time so it's just easier that way and I'm usually with my iPad when I see a great new app or hot new game I want to try, so I just grab it right away.

Google does web-to-phone for Android Market, which I guess is slightly more convenient than iTunes on the one machine you're allowed to sync with, but only slightly. It still needs a web browser and I already have that on my iPhone. What would be really sweet would be if I could buy an iPad app on my iPhone and have it pushed right to my iPad next time I unlock it (or vice versa).

Let us know how you get your apps in the poll above and then tell us how you'd prefer to get them in the comments!