So which email services are you using on your iPhone? Apple gives away iCloud's addresses for free now, geeks love their Gmail (though not the app!), Yahoo! mail is still going strong, even if Yahoo! isn't, and Microsoft recently said 2 million iOS 5 users were using Hotmail, and growing at the rate of 100k a day now that it's easier to setup (go figure!). Then there's corporate Exchange, your ISP's email, home-spun servers, and all sorts of other stuff.

Do you have just one main account? Do you have separate accounts, and/or use separate services for work and for personal use? Do you have multiple accounts for a bunch of different stuff? Do you forward most or all of them to the same place? Do you even setup all your email accounts on your iPhone or do you leave some off?

How are you handling email on your iPhone? Vote in the poll up top and then give me the details in the comments below!