Apple rejects the official Google Voice app from the App Store and removed previously approved Google Voice apps from 3rd parties. Sources tell Daring Fireball and Techcrunch it was at AT&T's request. AT&T tells people Apple controls the App Store. Apple, when they first introduced the App Store, said that prohibited apps included anything that adversely affected the cell network, VoIP (except over Wi-Fi), and the nebulous "unforeseen", a catch and cover all. Now the FCC has sent letters to Apple, AT&T, and Google in an attempt to get answers as to who knew what and when -- to get a look inside the black box of the App Store approval (and rejection) process.

Reaction has generally fallen into three camps:

  1. Those who are happy because either they believe there is a role for government to play in ensuring companies like AT&T who license public airwaves and huge corporations like Apple who come to exclusive deals still provide enough freedom, choice, and competition for consumers -- or just because they're so frustrated with the App Store any type of action is inherently appealing.

  2. Those who are unhappy because they dislike government involvement in business and think that if Apple and AT&T (or Google or anyone else) does wrong, the ultimate authority in correcting that behavior lies with consumers who can vote with their feet and their wallets and go somewhere else -- another carrier and phone platform.

  3. Those who don't care, either because they've never even heard of Google Voice and this whole brouhaha and just like the iPhone, apps or no apps.

Where do you fall? Let us know in the pole, and monologue away in the comments.