Can you not wait for Apple to release a second, Retina Display equipped iPad 3 (or iPad 2 HD/Pro/Plus) this year, or does the mere thought of it fill you with unbridled geek rage? The rumors keep getting stronger, and TiPb and many others have heard that Apple is seriously considering adding a new iPad to the already chock-a-block fall lineup.

If you just paid $500-$900 for an iPad 2, it's understandable that that would set you off. You wanted top of the line for 2011 and you expected your investment to be top of the line until at least next spring. How could Apple try and obsolete your beautiful new iPad 2 just 6 months out of the gate?

Some of you might look at your iPad 2 and really be annoyed by the lack of Retina Display, and want Apple to address that asap, damn the costs. Or maybe you skipped iPad 2 because it wasn't a big enough bump and have been waiting to go Retina for a while already, and the sooner the better. Hey, maybe you haven't even gotten on the iPad train yet and this is the model you've been holding out for, and now is not a problem.

Apple has already sold over 20 million plus iPads and while that's a good chunk of potential upgrades, they likely have their eyes set on a much bigger prize -- the over 100 million iPhone uses who don't have iPads yet, and beyond them, the hundreds of millions of consumers who don't have any iOS devices at all yet.

Apple has us, understands we'll upgrade when and if we can, but it wants them. Would a more expensive iPad be the way to increase their already market leading share of the tablet market? Maybe a little. The bigger share will be, of course, at the lower end of the market -- a place Apple has eschewed in the past for everything but iPods. But an iPad Pro to fit the MacBook Pro square in the product matrix is interesting... if the standard iPad 2 gets a price drop to better address the lower end at the same time...

Either way, how do you feel about Apple potentially releasing a second iPad this year?