Poll finds increasing public support for Apple in phone unlocking case

Despite a recent poll that showed that more Americans were siding with the FBI in its case against Apple, new numbers suggest that public opinion is now tipping the other way. In a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, 46% of the 1,284 respondents believe that Apple is right to oppose the court order compelling it to help unlock the iPhone 5c used by one of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Meanwhile, 35% think that Apple is wrong to oppose the order, and 20% aren't sure.

The results also revealed a distrust of the government amongst respondents, according to Reuters:

When asked if the government would use the ability to unlock phones to "spy on iPhone users," 55 percent said they agreed, 28 percent disagreed and the rest said they were not sure.

"I don't believe in giving up our right to privacy in order to make people feel safer," said Steve Clevenger, a 55-year-old real-estate appraiser from Wheelersburg, Ohio, who took part in the poll and is supporting Apple.

Meanwhile, people were slightly more favorable to the idea of the government looking at data on the phones of Americans in order to defend against terror attacks.

This new poll comes days after a similar survey found that more Americans supported the FBI in this case. In that poll, about 51% of people sided with the government, while 38% firmly supported Apple.

FBI vs. Apple