Let's keep this one short and sweet -- on the iMore Show tonight I argued with Rene and Seth about how big the next iPhone screen should be.

Rene doesn't want it much bigger than 4-inches so he can reach all the corners with his thumb and use the iPhone with one hand when he needs to. Seth was in the middle, willing to deal with an iPhone that was over 4-inches but not by too much. Me, I want the biggest screen Apple can put on an iPhone without making it a phablet (yeah, I said it!) My hands are already too small to reach every corner on an iPhone today, and I don't mind one bit that I have to use a second hand to do certain things at certain times.

I also want the same 3:2 aspect ratio to remain the same. I realize that's not likely to happen with the 16:9 rumors running rampant, but I don't just want more pixels on a screen with the same density. I want a bigger screen so I can see it more easily too.

Apple will do what Apple will do, but what about you? If you could have it your way, how important is one-handed ease of use to you compared to the benefits of a bigger screen? Vote up top and give me the reasons why below!