How much do you think Apple would change for an 8GB iPad mini? We've already had Chris Umiastowski weigh in with the investor perspective, but I'm all about the iMore nation -- I want to know what you think. The Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 are both $200 but both are also sold at break even or below, and Apple doesn't do that. Amazon and Google also have very different business models, and ones that don't require profitable hardware sales the way Apple's does.

Now Apple does sell the 8GB iPod touch for $200 already, but that hasn't been updated since 2010 and probably costs quite a bit less than that to make. Could Apple sell an iPad mini for the same price? If Apple keeps the entry-level iPod touch at $200, could Apple sell the iPad mini at $250? At $300?

The 16GB iPad 2 is currently $400. Could Apple get the entry-level iPad mini up anywhere near that? $350 maybe?

I don't think Apple could or would go lower than the current iPod touch, and I don't think they could (even if they would!) go any higher than the current iPad 2. So that leaves us with a range for about $200 to $350. Where do you see the iPad mini fitting in?

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