iCloud has been out of beta and live on iOS 5 for over a week now so it's time ask -- how's iCloud working for you? Now that you don't sync MobileMe style anymore but -- I'll say it! -- seamlessly store and push your content between all your devices, iOS, OS X and Windows, is you stuff where you want, when you want?

In an ideal world you iCloud mail will show up everywhere, all at once, with perfect push notifications, your calendars would just work, even when shared, and your contacts would all be related so you could tell your special someone you're running late... again. Your Documents in the Cloud would all be up to date, available at the touch of any app that can edit them, and your iTunes in the Cloud would let you re-download any song or TV show as easily as you always could apps. Your backups and restores would work flawlessly, and your Photo Stream would actually let you delete unwanted pictures. If you had to use Find my iPhone, it would send a locator immediately and you'd never have to wait a day to discover you left it in your other pants pocket. And we'd all have iTunes Match.

In the often more brutal real world, however, you mail might not be pushing, your documents might be disappearing, your songs not all showing up, your Photo Stream causing you grief, and Find my iPhone doing anything but. (Grrrr.)

So you tell us TiPb Nation, what are your experiences with iCloud so far? Is it a game changer or just MobileMe part deux? Vote up top and give me the glorious -- or gory! -- details in the comments below!