So... how's the battery life on your brand new iPhone 4S? We've already asked you about battery life under iOS 5 in general, but now that you have that Apple A5 processor to power and the Siri voice assistant feature to play with, battery life could be getting hit harder than ever.

Now a new phone, especially one that talks back to you, is so fun to use that we might not get back down to every day levels for a while still. But if you're not talking to Siri every minute, if you set up as new rather than restoring from backup, if you're not lighting up all the new location-based Reminders and Find my Friends, and your Notification Center isn't set to the full fire hose, how do you think battery life compares to your previous phone?

Is it great, gets through the day, no problems whatsoever? Is it about the same? Is it so bad you've stopped using Siri, turned off location services, disabled push notifications, and gone to commiserate with your Android wielding friends?

Vote up top and give us the details, including anything that's helped you improve battery life, in the comments below!