Gone are the days when AT&T and AT&T alone was so blessed as to have exclusive access to Apple's iPhone. Now you can, if you so choose, have your iPhone 4S on Verizon or Sprint, a regional carrier like C-Spirt, or even run it unlocked on T-Mobile.

AT&T still offers the fastest data speeds, with HSPA 14.4. Verizon claims the best network coverage. Sprint is the only major carrier still offering unlimited data to new iPhone owners. C-Spire is the only small carrier to pick up the iPhone 4S to date. T-Mobile... you have to work for it and it's EDGE only, but that means you must really love them to stick with them!

But now that you have a choice, TiPb Nation, we'd like to know who you chose and why? Was it speed? Was it coverage? Was it data? Was it customer service? And did you switch from a different carrier to get iPhone 4S on your current carrier? As always, vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below!