There are two seemingly conflicting rumors circulating about iPhone 5's design -- 1) that it will be a real, radical iPhone 5 redesign in a thinner, curvier, bigger screened, dare-I-say more metal-backed package, or 2) that it will be more of an iPhone 4S with increased specs like an Apple A5 chip but the overall design will still be the same as the current iPhone 4, stainless steel sandwiched in glass.

I've been hoping for option 1, a real, redesigned iPhone 5 since about a minute after I saw the back glass of iPhone 4. Jeremy on the other hand keeps bringing me down by saying "you get iPhone 4S!".

But is faster, maybe thinner and lighter enough for you? Or will it take a substantial redesign for you to upgrade your iPhone again? If you don't get it this generation, will you hold onto what you have and wait for the next or, horror of horrors, start looking at something else?

I know Rene loves the iPhone 4 design and I'm sure many others do as well. Sure it has been on the market for 15 months already, but iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS kept the same design on the market for 24 months (closer to 40 if you count the iPhone 3GS 8GB that's still being sold today!)

What do you think, TiPb Nation -- Would you be less likely to get iPhone 5 if there's no new design?