Simple question: is your iPhone home button still working as it should? Ever since iOS 4 and the reassignment of double click to the fast app switcher, it seems like we're click, click, clicking the home button more than ever, and that seems to be creating problems more and more often.

A lot of you have written in, or posted in our iPhone Forum to tell us your home button is causing you problems, and even more of you are hitting our how-to fix home button problems, and how to use Activator to get around home button problems daily tips in search of solutions. Even our illustrious editor, Rene, had to get his original iPhone 4 swapped out at the Apple Store because the home button was causing him grief.

Apple has been experimenting with multitasking gestures for iPad, and we've even seen rumors that they'll do away with the home button completely. (Not that we believe them, at

Is you home button not working the way it should? Is it a hardware problem that's just not registering clicks, or a software issue that's misreading the number of clicks? Let us know in the poll above and then give us the details in the comments!