What's your absolute favorite device for browsing the web -- iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or your Mac or Windows PC? I'm a little torn myself.

The iPhone is great when I'm out and about and have no other options, but it's small and doesn't support Flash, and it's not a fast experience.

iPad is big and beautiful and I love it for reading and relaxing but it also doesn't support Flash and I can't type on it as fast as I need to for things like blogging here on TiPb.

My 11-inch MacBook Air is portable but not really mobile, so I don't have it always when I need it, but when I do it can handle every kind of web page imaginable and has a keyboard so I can easily whip up posts like this.

(We have an iMac in the house, but I almost never use it.)

If you had to pick one -- if you were stranded on Internet Survivor Island and could have only a single device with you for browsing the web -- what would it be, iPhone, iPad, or PC?

Vote up in the poll and tell me why in the comments! I'll reveal my answer on the next podcast!