Do you prefer the singular, solid piece of glass that is currently the iPhone screen, the big honking button/piezo electric multi-clicker that powers the BlackBerry Storm and its upcoming second edition, or do you yearn for the ability to customize haptics on your touch screen?

That's the question our sibling site, asked yesterday and the one we're repeating today. Since you're reading TiPb, we expect you're already super-elite when it comes to using the iPhone multitouch screen, so no explanation needed here.

For the first edition BlackBerry Storm, RIM floated a similar screen over a giant button that you had to press down every time you wanted to do something. It allowed separate navigation and execution, but arguably each at the expense of the other. With Storm 2 -- well, nobody knows what they're doing for sure (you can read CrackBerry Kevin's guesses) but it appears you can click on multiple locations simultaneously, mitigating the linear process of the older model.

Since the BlackBerry Storm 2 has no "clickability" when off, Kevin wonders if users will be able to control how much "clickability" it has when on as well, potentially allowing it to be turn on, turned down, or turned up.

Given each of these options, are you happy with the iPhone screen input method as-is, or does the Storm's way interest you?