Google has bought Mac and iPhone Gmail app, Sparrow, and while it will still be maintained, it will no longer be kept in active development. What that effectively means is, no more Sparrow for iPhone, at least not in the way that matters.

So, if you're Sparrow user, what do you plan on doing?

You can certainly keep using the Sparrow app we have today until, at some point in the future it stops working. You won't get that push update you've been waiting for -- you won't get any new updates, but you'll keep what you have. For a while, at least. But you also have some other options...

You can switch back to the built-in Apple Mail app. It doesn't support Gmail specific features like stars or labels, but it does have universal inbox, push via Exchange ActiveSync, and will be getting additional features like VIP inbox with iOS 6 this fall. It doesn't "fit" the Gmail workflow, but it works and Apple isn't abandoning it any time soon.

You can switch to the official Gmail app, which is basically in a thin app wrapper so it can access contacts, and attach images. It offers excellent support for Gmail the way Google built it to be used, but isn't a great iOS app the way Apple meant them to be built.

You can go to on your iPhone. No, seriously. You can.

If you're really bummed, you can do like former Google employee #20 and new Yahoo! CEO #20 Marissa Mayer did and leave Gmail entirely...

Or maybe you've thought of something else? Let us know what you're doing in the poll above, and give us the details in the comments below!