We've now seen both pictures and (/what-iphone-5-will-look-supposed-parts-assembled-your-supposed-viewing-pleasure) of leaked parts assembled together to give us a look and what might just be the iPhone 5. Assuming they're even close to what we'll see at the September 12 special event iMore posted about earlier, what do you think? Best looking iPhone ever? Worst looking? Somewhere in between?

And if it is real or close to real, what do you think about it looking so similar to the iPhone 4... again? Is it a case of why mess with perfection, or a sign that Apple isn't refreshing the design fast enough?

Is the metal back hot or just really not? Is the headset on the bottom something that works or something that irks? Is the longer screen useful or just wrong?

Check out the supposed iPhone 5 designs, vote in the poll up top, then give me your thoughts below!