So we thanks to a trio of reports from across the Apple-net tonight, we might just have some idea of what the iPad mini will look like. Nothing is confirmed until Apple shows it off on stage, of course, but if we're going to speculate we might as well do it right and ask you, the iMore nation, just what you think about this supposed iPad mini design?

If it's in between a 9.7 inch iPad and an iPod touch, does it make sense it's proportionately narrower than the current iPad but wider than the touch? And that the bezel isn't as wide as the current iPad, but still wider than the iPod touch? How about it being as thin as the iPod touch? Is there such a thing as too thin?

You know the drill -- vote in the poll up top and then give me your insight in the comments below. iMore nation, is this the iPad mini you're looking for?