Rumor has it, come this fall AT&T just might charge extra for FaceTime over cellular when the feature launches with iOS 6. Is that fair?

AT&T has a business to run and if they can get a few more dollars per user, or keep a little extra traffic off their much-maligned network, could that be win/win for them? Do you believe in paying per service so you get the best service?

How about if AT&T makes FaceTime 'Net-non-neutral and, if you pay, guarantees your packets get served first and you get the best, most crystal clear video possible?Or if paying more meant an extra 1GB or so of FaceTime data? Would that make a difference to your decision?

Or do you firmly believe that you already pay AT&T, and pay them well, for your data and you should darn well be able to do what you please with it? Especially if your capped already, and paying extra already for tethering, should AT&T be allowed to triple dip in your data pool?

As always, vote in our poll up top and then give me the details in the comments below. iMore nation, how do you feel about the idea of paying extra for your cellular FaceTime?