pop camera for iPhone

Pop Camera is a collection of unique and funky camera types that will give you photos an analog, toy camera look to your photos. The really fun part? You can take anywhere from one to 16 photos at a time to be displayed at once as a collage. There is also a camera that takes double exposure shots, bringing in a whole new level of creativity.

Pop camera is equipped with 8 different cameras that take either 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 12, or 16 photos, or one double exposed shot. Each camera has it's own funky design to add to give the illusion of using a real toy camera. For each camera, you have the choice of 14 different film types.

In addition to the fun photo stories I can produce with Pop Camera, I also love the layout of the app. They could've been boring by just putting a row of filters at the bottom of the screen and used the entire screen as a viewfinder, but they made it funky, instead. Sure, a larger view finder has its benefits, but the experience that Pop Camera's UI gives is more fun. You actually get to see the design of the camera your choose -- as in, it's outer design. When choosing film, again, it's not just a boring list. Each film type gets it's own page that shows a roll of film and a sample photo taken with that film.

I'm really having a lot of fun with Pop Camera. If you decided to pick this one up, please share your photos in the iMore Photography Forum!

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