Popular Reddit app BaconReader makes its way to the iPhone

BaconReader for Reddit, which has long been popular on Android, has made its way to the iPhone. iOS 7 ready, BaconReader lets you easily navigate posts, pictures, links, and comments from across Reddit. Navigate to different subreddits by tapping the title bar at the top to access the dropdown menu, and make your selection. Choose to view your chosen page in either list or tile format. Use a simple pull-to-refresh to load new content.

BaconReader also supports multiple accounts, which can be easily accessed through the sidebar menu, found by tapping the two omnipresent bacon strips in the top left corner. In the sidebar, you'll also find quick access to the front page, your bookmarks, and your Friends. BaconReader lets you follow comments and posts by other Redditors after you add them to your list of friends. There's also easy access to mail from subreddits that you moderate. Just for fun, BaconReader lets you doodle on any image that you post to Reddit.

BaconReader is an iPhone app for now, with an iPad version on the way, and is available for free. Pay a one-time in-app purchase of $4.99 to get rid of the ads. So, is there a new favorite for Reddit in town?

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