Losing your AT&T data connection following the iOS 4 update? We got a tip from a TiPb reader who spent some time on the phone with Apple support. If you're having the same problem (typically it's people with unlimited data, like we mentioned yesterday), try using his steps below to get it back. He said he did it with 2 friends that lost data as well and it seems to work -- at least as a temp fix.

  1. Create a new admin account on your computer or use another computer that has iTunes on it to create a new Administrator ID or one with Admin rights. (This stops iTunes from looking at primary user info inside iTunes as that seems to be the issue)
  2. Open iTunes 9.2 and plugin your iPhone, click on Restore, it will download the iOS again and load it on your phone.
  3. Setup as new phone and after it sync's, check Safari for internet access.
  4. If that works, then login to your normal ID and rename your iPhone and RESYNC all your data.

If you check your Settings and About, you'll see that their is no carrier listed before this and that's why it's happening. It also worked on 2 other stock phones that had the same issue.

People who have previously used Spirit might also find this handy.

[Thanks @audit!]