Earlier today, on the heels of yet more rumors about Apple moving their stylus pen into production, I asked how many people would actually want one. What I didn't consider, however, was potential demand beyond the retail and online shelves. For example, from enterprise and education. Neil Cybart, writing for Above Avalon:

An Apple Pen would find a nice fit in this type of setting. Additionally, if the Apple Pen can be used to capture information such as distance, shape, texture, and angles, the implications expand into many different industries such as industrial and into various commercial settings from Fortune 500 companies to independently owned and operated businesses.

My background in art and design biases me towards those kinds of use cases, but obviously anything Apple ships would have to appeal to a wider audience. Medical could be another space that benefits from an Apple stylus pen. So could those who work at home and on the road, those who are self employed or entrepreneurial, those working in the community and those serving the community. That strikes me as something Apple has spent a lot of time and effort on with the iPad product line already — mainstreaming productivity.