Our sibling site, PreCentral.net has just pulled a Palm, getting a great new look backed up by rock-solid Web-based underpinnings. Some would call it Karma, we call it the tireless work of our ole' editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, the awesome crew at PreCentral.net, and the backstage magicians at Smartphone Experts.

If you haven't already, check out PreCentral.net for all the latest news and views on Palm's upcoming new miracle device, the Palm Pre, inarguably the second most anticipated device launch (after our own next-gen iPhone, 'natch!) coming some mid-point this year.

Congrats again to the PC team! Great new look, same great content.

(And in keeping with the Palm Pre Pun Prevention Pledge, not a single groan was prepended to this post!)