President Obama announces adjustments to NSA surveillance program

President Barack Obama announced changes to the large-scale electronic surveillance program that has been undertaken by the NSA (National Security Agency) in an effort to make the program more transparent. Calling it a "rebalancing" of the program, the President announced that the government will be taking steps to make sure that the program isn't being abused and is applied narrowly.

These steps include a review of the program in relation to Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, which concerns the collection of phone data. Additionally, the President announced the creation of a board of outside experts to review the surveillance technologies of the United States. The President did not address any data collection outside of phone calls.

The companies involved in the surveillance efforts had have already called for greater transparency in the program. Many of them had previously denied direct participation in the surveillance.Technology leaders, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, recently met with President Obama to express their concerns over the program.

Granted, this only applies to U.S. programs, the ones getting all the attention lately, but if you're in the U.S. and have been concerned by the programs and allegations about the programs, does the "rebalancing" make you feel any better, and if not, what would?