At PAX East 2012, Halfbrick Studios was showing off an incoming update to Jetpack Joyride which will let you equip some very handy gadgets. Players can equip two, which offer a variety of functions, such as a slight boost in speed when taking off from the ground, or a protective bubble to improve your distance after crashing. A particularly useful one will be the coin magnet, which is currently only available for the game's vehicles. Counting the Feeze-o-Matic, Lucky Last, Nerd Repellent, Missile Jumper, Free Ride, Flying Pig, and Gravity Belt, there will be 15 gadgets available all told at launch, no doubt with plenty more to follow. As with other in-game items, you'll be able to buy gadgets in the Stash with coins collected as you navigate through a top-secret science lab in a freakin' sweet jetpack, or buying coins directly through in-app purchases.

Even though Fruit Ninja is Halfbrick's breakthrough success, I tend to spend a lot more time playing Jetpack Joyride, so this update has me pretty excited. Since most of the current in-game items are purely cosmetic, it's great to see a bunch of new options that actively change the way you play (though there are also going to be cosmetic gadgets, like the x-ray specs). Keep an eye out for the 1.3 update to Jetpack Joyride at the end of the month.

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Jetpack Joyride gadget update on the iPad

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