Prismatic for iOS: A new way to find the news that interests you

Prismatic for iPhone and iPad gives us a new way to discover and read news that interests us. First and foremost, Prismatic is a community. Find and follow topics that interest you and Prismatic takes care of the rest by feeding in stories that pertain to what it thinks you find interesting. Vote things up or down, leave comments, share stories, and more.

For people that don't particularly like using RSS feeds to get their news, Prismatic is a great alternative since there's literally no upkeep on your part. Just choose the topics and start voting up stories that interest you and Prismatic takes care of the rest. I've been using it for a while now and have found the categories and topics to be spot on with my interests.

Hands down the best part about Prismatic is the community behind it. Being able to engage in real time with other Prismatic users on a current article brings a social aspect to it that other news apps don't have. You can also share stories to Twitter and Facebook in just a few taps.

If you happen to try out Prismatic, let us know what you think. Do you find it more engaging than typically news and RSS apps? Why or why not?

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