Procraster for iPhone helps you fight procrastination and break down large projects

Procraster for iPhone is a productivity app that can help you break down large projects into smaller steps. One of the main reasons we procrastinate on performing tasks is because we either don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed. Procraster isn't a task list app, it's a project completion app that helps you break down and complete projects in a logical and realistic way that minimizes stress.

The first thing Procraster does is walk you through adding your projects. Just tap on any project to select it and start working on it. Pick a reason as to why you haven't yet started the project and Procraster can give you useful tips for getting started.

Once you've started a project, Procraster helps you break it down into smaller steps that are more manageable and less overwhelming. You also are required to pick a reward for completing the project. Procraster encourages you to pick small rewards that you can have immediately after completing the task, such as a cup of coffee or a few minutes on Facebook or reading the paper.

After you've been using Procraster for a while, you can start to view metrics on how productive you've been over periods of time. You can also import data from Procraster into your Calendar app if you'd like so you can visually see how your productivity changes over time.

It's definitely an interesting concept and one that may help the best of procrastinators concentrate for longer periods of time. If you happen to try it out, let us know what you think!

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