Progress on Steve Jobs movie: Aaron Sorkin turns in screenplay!

Aaron Sorkin, award winning writer of The West Wing, The Social Network, A Few Good Men, The Newsroom and countless other acclaimed dramas has reportedly turned in his script for Sony's official adaption of Walter Issaacson's Steve Jobs biography. AJ Marechal writes for Variety:

Variety has also confirmed that Sorkin has turned in script for Sony's Steve Jobs biopic, which Sorkin was tapped to pen in spring 2012.

They also confirmed a season three pickup for The Network, so good news for Sorkin fans all around. According to previous reports, Sorkin will be structuring the movie around three scenes, before and after the introductions of the Mac, NeXT Cube, and iPod. No release date yet. Any guesses as to wish Sorkinisms we'll see in the official — read not Ashton Kutcher — Steve Jobs movie?