Propellerhead's ReBirth for iPhone headed for death

Sad news from Propellerhead, the makers of Reason and other excellent music software for Mac and iOS: They're planning to stop selling and supporting ReBirth for iPhone effective June 1st, according to "Synthhead" at Synthopia.

ReBirth is the pitch-perfect iOS recreation of Propellerhead's phenomenal "Techno Micro Composer" software that started out on the Mac - an emulation of three absolutely vital components for dance music: Roland's TB-303 bass synth and its TR-808 and 909 drum machines. FX units and pattern sequencers let you build out entire songs.

Propellerhead still sells and supports a more expensive iPad version of ReBirth, which will continue life well after the iPhone version is put to pasture. The iPad version gives you a lot more room to work, plus it lets you export your work as an MP3 file, so you can share with folks who don't have ReBirth installed.

That gives you a few more days to download the software if you want it. But be warned that once the deadline hits, you won't be able to share your ReBirth creations with other iPhone users anymore. Sharing ReBirth compositions with other users was always part of the fun.

Is Propellerhead doing the right thing by focusing its attention on other software? Will you miss ReBirth for iPhone when it's gone? Or was the iPhone screen just too small to make use of all the features?

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