I'm sure that a few of you, like me, have been avoiding using the Google Search Bar in Safari in favor of the Google app. Avoiding it not because the Google App is that awesome (it is), but because the search results page in Safari that comes up when you use the Google Search Bar wasn't optimized for Safari, but instead looked like the regular desktop page.

Well, quick tip if you've been avoiding that bar: it's been mobile optimized while you were away. No need to avoid it anymore. The above search results screen shot shows what the new (to me, anyway) results page looks like. Chad emailed in (with more than a few exclamation points) showing the same.

Treat this Public Service Announcement like all PSAs -- if you don't care, move along, nothing to see here, threat-level orange, and all that. But If you've been keeping away from that search bar, it's time to come back home.