We've talked a lot about the rumored gold iPhone 5s in recent days, but a new leaked image out of Japan (by way of Nowhereeelse.fr) claims to show the shell of the phone in all its glory. Unlike some previous images that have done the rounds, this comes bearing the Apple logo, the iPhone branding, and is a healthy shade of Champagne, as we're expecting it to be.

It's all officially speculation of course until it's actually launched, but we're lead to believe it is real, and that the next iPhone for the first time will come in three different color options. Sadly, the shell in this image is missing the plastic parts at the top and bottom, which may have been able to give an indicator as to the color of the front of the phone.

We all have mixed opinions on the thought of a gold iPhone, but seeing this, if real, I'm slightly less put off. Sat next to the black and white iPhone 5, it doesn't look all that ridiculous, a lot more tasteful than many may have imagined. But, it's still not confirmation by any stretch of the imagination. For that, we'll have to wait until September 10.

Let me know your thoughts on it, though. Tempted, or still an outright no? Don't forget too, to enter the iMore Countdown to iPhone 5s competition, where you could walk away with $500 towards the next iPhone of your dreams. Even a gold one!

Source: ASCII Plus via Nowhereelse.fr