Purported iPad 5 third party case again points to iPad mini like design with slimmer form factor

A photograph of a purported iPad 5 case has appeared, and it again points to a redesigned in the form of the iPad mini. The case was obtained by 9to5Mac, apparently from it's manufacturer, Minisuit. Back in January, iMore created a rendering based on what we'd learned about the iPad 5 and its iPad mini-like design, and shortly thereafter some unverified pictures emerged of a supposed iPad 5 back plate bearing a very similar design. Just over a week ago, iMore created another rendering based on more information about the iPad 5.

If the case above is based on rumors and the previous backplates, then it ads little new to the discussion. If, however, it's based on additional information leaked from manufacturing sources in China, then it could prove interesting.

The case, as previously rumored, hints at an iPad 5 that's narrower in comparison to the current version. This would presumably be down to the narrower bezel design just like the iPad mini. The edges of the case are much squarer than the other case again this would line up with the design of the iPad mini. Looking at the bottom edge of the case, you can see a long cut out which would be for the speakers and Lightning connector. We would assume that the iPad 5 would finally have stereo speakers again like the iPad mini.

Leaks like these are nothing new and a lot of case manufacturers look to steal a march on their competition by obtaining information on next generation devices from supply chain sources. This is always going to be a gamble as Apple is notorious for keeping its devices under wraps until the last minute; or could change its mind on a design too.

Having said that, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the next-generation iPad 5 may be adopting the design cues of the iPad mini.

Source: 9to5Mac