A supposed schematic of the Apple's next 5.5-inch iPhone has popped up, under the name iPhone 7 Pro. Once again, this schematic, found in the latest issue of Japanese Apple magazine Mac Fan, shows us a phone with space for two cameras on the back, while also lacking a 3.5mm headphone jack. This purported iPhone 7 Pro has the same exact dimensions as the current iPhone 6s Plus.

Purported iPhone 7 'Pro' leak again suggests dual cameras, no headphone jack

From Mac Otakara:

According to the article, the size is 158.22 x 77.94 x 7.3 mm, and dual lenses will be introduced to iSight camera. The size itself is identical with iPhone 6s Plus, but there isn't the hole for head phone jack plug any more at the bottom.

If this schematic is accurate, it's certainly interesting. Earlier rumors claim that the removal of the headphone jack from Apple's 2016 flagship phones would be to accommodate a thinner body. If Apple is keeping the dimensions of the 5.5-inch phone the same from the 6s to 7 lines, perhaps the new camera requires more space inside the device.

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