Pushbullet arrives on iPad with share extension, Mac version comes along for the ride

Pushbullet, a service that allows you to send notifications, links, and more to all of your devices, has come to iPad and Mac. The iPad version comes as an update to the iPhone app. The iOS app update also adds a number of new features including compatibility with the new mac app, a share extension, and more.

In addition to iPad compatibility, the main attraction of this Pushbullet update on iOS is the share extension. The extension lets you copy links, documents, images, and more, and send them to your other devices. When using the extension, you can choose which device you want to send something to, as well as contacts that you wish to share with. Your chosen device or contact will receive a push notification with the link or file in it.

Pushbullet for Mac brings all of the service's capabilities to the desktop. The left side of the app shows you all of your pushes, as well as your devices, contacts, and subscriptions. The Mac version of Pushbullet also allows you to receive your iOS devices notifications, and you can elect which ones to receive, or turn them all on and off, from the Pushbullet settings. Pushbullet has also released a Safari extension, letting you send links from the browser to your devices.

You can download Pushbullet for iPad from the App Store, and Pushbullet for Mac from the Mac App Store.

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