How to put iOS 5 Newsstand into a Folder

While Apple's new iOS 5 Newsstand is technically a Folder, and hence can't be put into another Folder, The Coding Massacre has discovered a glitch in the Matrix that can let Newsstand haters banish it into another Folder... at least temporarily.

Basically, you create a new Folder and in the first few seconds, while iOS is getting its act together, you jam Newsstand in there before it can stop you. However, if you launch Newsstand, it will come screaming back out at you.

So file this under temporary work around if you hate the look of Newsstand so much, even a short break

Whether or not Apple fixes this in a future update and your Newsstand comes glaring back in defiance, we can't say, but don't look a gift bug in the mouth.

Check out the step by step, below!

Source: The Coding Massacre via 52 Tigers