SbSwitcher from the Springboard

SBSwitcher is a new mod in the Cydia Store that allows you to relocate all SBSettings toggles to the iOS 4 app switcher dock. Just scroll to the left to reveal all your toggles! The tweak is very useful, especially when you're in system apps (like Cydia) that don't allow you to use SBSettings from the status bar. Additional features include the ability to call up the app switcher from the lockscreen, letting you manipulate toggles or get into a running app without even unlocking your iPhone!

One small caveat is that you don't have the ability to respring from the app switcher without going into SBSettings from the status bar. An easy way to side-step this is by setting Activator to respring by using one of the available options, making it easier to respring on command without the need of getting into SBSettings whatsoever.

SBSwitcher is available in the Cydia Store for $2.99. Unfortunately for now, the mod doesn't work with the iPad. Check out the full feature list and screenshots after the break, and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Set SBSwitcher to default to the Now Playing section of the app switcher.
  • Exit the app switcher by pressing the home button instead of exiting the app itself when hitting home.
  • Hide the volume slider (iOS 4.2.1 only).
  • Easily turn on/off your WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth radios from the app switcher.
  • Quickly get back into an app or manipulate an SBSettings toggle right from the lockscreen -- no need to unlock!

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