Puzzle your way around each level of Super Squares

Super Squares is a simple, addictive puzzle games for iPhone and iPad. The goal of Super Squares is to connect each square to another one of the same color, collecting all the stars in a level along the way. Draw different routes to avoid obsticles, and avoid blocking a color's path. Certain levels give you a set number of bombs in order to destroy obsticles. You can buy more if you run out, though it's easy enough to figure out how to beat the level with the given bombs.

Super Squares is very engaging, and free to download, though there are in-app purchases. While you can play through the first 300 levels for free, you will need to pay to unlock more. There are several packs available for $0.99 a piece, but you can buy all every level for $3.99. A universal game, Super Squares can be found on the App Store now.

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